High-quality products for heat-treatment processes

VULKAN unites engineers, skilled workers and managers to form an expert team that caters to our customers’ needs. We consider ourselves a specialized provider of high-quality initial and spare equipment produced of heat-resistant stainless steel for use in industrial heat-treatment processes.

We guarantee competent and intensive customer care. Our comprehensive service range includes the analysis of your individual requirements and operating conditions, consultation, designing based on 3D CAD software and manufacturing and subsequent maintenance.

According to our philosophy, we aim at continuously optimizing our products in cooperation with our customers, supporting them in solving problems in the best possible manner and exclusively supplying them with products that meet highest quality requirements. We prioritize maximizing the product durability and
the economic effi ciency of your processes.

In order to secure consistently high quality of products, they are majorly manufactured in-house and under application of strict quality standards. Our skilled workers are highly experienced in processing special heat-resistant materials.

They have a large allocation of machine tools and equipment at their disposal and master all common welding techniques, such as manualarc
welding, tungsten inert-gas welding, protective-atmosphere welding and gas-fusion welding.

We would be pleased to convince you of our capabilities. We will take your individual inquiry and provide you with a non-committal offer free of charge.

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